"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Teacher Loses Job after Reading Pro Homosexual “King and King” Story to 3rd Grade Class

NC teacher resigns amid outcry over reading 3rd-graders story of homosexual princes who marry each other

Christian Parent’s Network Editor’s comments:  When did it become the job of teachers to normalize homosexuality in the classroom? Militant homosexuals have become emboldened to press their viewpoint on others, and it is increasingly difficult for parents to send their children to school with confidence they will be learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, and not being taught their teachers distorted view of morality.  We can’t have the Ten Commandments on display, but we can have propaganda pieces such as “King & King” presented to our children in the guise of “education.”   The King and King is a shameless homosexual propaganda piece clearly designed to normalize homosexual behavior to the targeted audience of young children.  See below excerpts and illustrations courtesy of the website www.massresistance.org. The website is a pro-family reaction to the aggressive homosexual political agenda in the state of Massachusetts. The excerpts below describe the book, and the circumstances of a Massachusetts teacher’s decision to read it to her third grade class.  It’s clear that the North Carolina teacher had a personal agenda and was actively expressing his beliefs to the children in his classroom.  When parents send their children to school they are counting on having them learn the 3 R’s, Reading ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic.  Last time I checked, “Romance” was not on the list.  Parents don’t need or want school teachers usurping their parental responsibilities.  When teachers are forbidden from teaching from the Bible and expressing their religious beliefs, you have to wonder why teachers should be allowed to evangelize for the homosexual life style.  Clearly those pushing the homosexual agenda want more than just the freedom to be homosexuals. They want the rest of us to actively approve of their values and lifestyle, no matter what our religious convictions.

Story Below Published June 16, 2015

Associated Press Story appearing on Fox News Website,

After a third-grader tearfully recounted how another boy had called him “gay” during gym class, teacher Omar Currie chose to raise the issue during story time by reading his students a fable about a prince who falls in love with another prince, ending with a happily-ever-after royal wedding.

That decision in April ignited a public outcry from some parents in the rural hamlet of Efland, North Carolina, resulting in Currie’s resignation this week from a job he loved. The assistant principal who loaned Currie her copy of “King & King” has also resigned, and outraged parents are pressuring administrators at the Orange County Schools to ban the book.

“When I read the story, the reaction of parents didn’t come into my mind,” Currie, 25, said Tuesday. “In that moment, it just seemed natural to me to read the book and have a conversation about treating people with respect. My focus then was on the child, and helping the child.”

Currie knows firsthand what it is like to be bullied. Growing up gay and black in a small town in the eastern part of the state, his memories of middle school are of being a frequent target for teasing and slurs.

As a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Currie entered a teaching fellows program with the intent of helping young people. He was first introduced to “King & King” during an education course that included strategies for introducing topics involving diversity in the classroom.

After graduation, Currie became a teacher at nearby Efland-Cheeks Elementary School. Though only about 15 miles west of Chapel Hill, a college town considered among the most liberal enclaves in the state, Efland is a socially conservative community of about 750 people where churches line the highway through town.

Within hours after reading the book to his students, Currie said he got a call from the school’s principal requesting a meeting in her office for the following morning. The parents of three children soon filed written complaints to a school review committee, which twice upheld the use of the book after heated public meetings. But the school’s principal also issued a new directive that teachers must submit an advance list of all books they intend to read with students to their parents.

“King & King” has been a subject of controversy before. In 2006, the parents of a Massachusetts second-grader sued after the book was read in their child’s class. A federal judge later ruled against them, saying the rights of parents to exercise their religious and moral beliefs are not violated when children are exposed to differing ideas in public school.”


Children’s book portraying homosexual romance and marriage — read to second-grade class by teacher

At Estabrook Elementary School, Lexington, MA, March 24, 2006. (The same school that the David Parker incident took place.) The teacher had chosen the day’s theme as “weddings” — and this is the book she decided to read to the class. This book continues to be placed in elementary classrooms (including that one) in Lexington and in others around the state.


Here’s the cover of the book, “King and King” read to second graders — without any parental notification. As you can see, it’s clearly written to normalize homosexual romance and “marriage” in the minds of very young children.


The book starts out with the Queen nagging her unmarried son, the prince, that he needs to get married: “When I was your age, I’d been married twice already.” — Interesting message for young kids.

Children's book used as homosexual propaganda in 2nd grade classroom

The Queen brought in several princesses from various places. They’re all portrayed in a rather nasty manner. And the prince, of course, didn’t like any of them.

Children's book used as homosexual propaganda in 2nd grade classroom

About this princess from India: “Boy, those long arms will certainly come in handy when waving to the people,” said the prince.




king06A few pages later (after a whirlwind courtship) the two princes are shown holding hands a their ‘wedding’. As the text describes: “The wedding was very special.The queen even shed a tear or two.”

(Note: We’ve noticed that ‘their parents shedding tears at their wedding’ is a theme that homosexual activists in Massachusetts bring up a lot.)



The book goes on to describe how they’re not just princes, but ‘King and King.”

And just to rub it in, the last page shows a male-to-male kiss. The message for
kids here is pretty clear. . .

Parents, you must be ever vigilant to guarding against the secular values taught to your children at school. Schools are no longer neutral ground in America’s ongoing culture wars.  Liberal beliefs are taught with religious fervor and parents must work to counteract the indoctrination of their kids or they may wake up one day shocked to discover their children don’t share their own Christian faith.  The Editors

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