"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Spanking Children as a Form of Discipline

Spanking and Biblical Discipline – Do We Obey God or Man


Spanking – Do We Obey God or Man By Charles Gleason From time to time I see postings from people who believe spanking is an effective form of discipline, but fear the legal consequences of using corporal based punishment in their home. I would like to share […]

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Q&A Step Mother Asks: Do I Spank Teenage Stepdaughter?


Should Step Mother Spank Stepdaughter? By Mark Benedict Q: Dear Christian Parents Net I have recently married a man who I love dearly.  My own daughter Mary is 10, and my husband’s daughter Rachel, is 16. I am a firm believer of corporal punishment and use spanking as […]

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Disciplining Children

Parents prepare our future world by the way we discipline our children

Disciplining Children Transcript from The World, the Word & You! Broadcast Commentary by Pastor Dennis L. Finnan This article originally posted at http://www.wwy.org/ Perhaps there is no greater and more important subject to consider than our world’s future. For any such thoughts must of necessity take us […]

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Why, and When to Spank a Child – How to Spank Effectively

Some parents think that spanking is an old fashioned practice that isn't needed anymore. Not So according to the Bible!

Why, When, and How to Spank a Child By Mark Benedict Question: Dear Christian Parents Editor,  I have a question in regards to spanking. I have 2 sons, ages 6 and 8.  Recently we decided to employ spanking as a disciplinary tool. When I spank them, sometimes […]

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Spanking – Why the Rod is Righteous

Loving parents use the Rod of Correction to Keep their children on the Way of Righteousness

Why the Rod is Righteous by Robert Deffinbaugh, Community Bible Chapel ,  Richardson, Texas Lesson 16: Wisdom and Child-Rearing, Part III,  See the original article at this link at the Bible.org as well as additional articles by the author.  Visit the Community Bible Chapel website for online audio sermons by […]

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Kid’s Need Lots of Love and a Spanking

Kids Need Lots of Love and a Spanking: Raising Polite, Obedient and Cheerful Children Editor’s Note: We really liked Jamie’s article which I found years ago on the web.  Enough to buy her book. We encourage you to add this book to your library, great advice for parents.  […]

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Ignore No More App for Phones Prevents Misbehaving Children From Ignoring Parents


Parents, Are You Tired of Being Ignored When You Call Your Children? Get the App! Quoted From Science World Report Online Magazine.  Click Here to see original article. “Parents who are sick and tired of wondering what their rambunctious teens might be up to can use a new method […]

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Please Don’t Spank Article – Discipline Children


Discipline Children Without Spanking? This article is a commentary by the Christian Parent’s Network editor on Lonnit Rysher’s article, “Please Don’t Spank.”  The editor’s comments are denoted by the use of plain text and indented.  Ms Rysher’s original article text is bolded in quotes.   Her article can be found in original format at her  […]

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Spanking Receives a Bum Rap in Spanking Research due to Faulty Methods

Spanking Research

The article was originally published online in 1998.  It contains many relevant points of interest to parents wishing to examine the question as to whether or not spanking is appropriate.  Mr. Chigbo squarely hits the nail on the head in pointing out that those who teach that […]

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Q&A: Double Trouble – Spanking Children – Use the Rod or Spank with the Hand?

My twin Girls

Q&A: Spanking Children. One Twin is Double the Trouble Q:  Dear Mark and Sallie,  I am so happy to have found, by chance, your site.  I completely agree with you.  I’ll describe how we are disciplining our children, my dear wife and I.  I would so much […]

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