"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

On Discipline

The Ruthlessness of God

God will be ruthless in judgment of sinners and Christians need to appreciate His holiness

Written by Lambert Dolphin, topic suggested in 1984 by Ray C. Stedman.  Email the author at lambert@ldolphin.org.   Visit Lambert Dolphin’s Online Library where you will find an amazing collection of Biblical essays and articles on a wide variety of topics.  Editor’s comments: Lambert Dolhin’s library is a tremendous resource for […]

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Kid’s Need Lots of Love and a Spanking

Kids Need Lots of Love and a Spanking: Raising Polite, Obedient and Cheerful Children Editor’s Note: We really liked Jamie’s article which I found years ago on the web.  Enough to buy her book. We encourage you to add this book to your library, great advice for parents.  […]

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Please Don’t Spank Article – Discipline Children


Discipline Children Without Spanking? This article is a commentary by the Christian Parent’s Network editor on Lonnit Rysher’s article, “Please Don’t Spank.”  The editor’s comments are denoted by the use of plain text and indented.  Ms Rysher’s original article text is bolded in quotes.   Her article can be found in original format at her  […]

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The Benedictine Rules, Christian Parenting, and Fatherhood


The Christian Father and the Rule of Saint Benedict From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Rule of Saint Benedict (Regula Benedicti) is a book of precepts written by St. Benedict of Nursia (c.480–547) for monks living communally under the authority of an abbot. Since about the 7th […]

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Spanking Receives a Bum Rap in Spanking Research due to Faulty Methods

Spanking Research

The article was originally published online in 1998.  It contains many relevant points of interest to parents wishing to examine the question as to whether or not spanking is appropriate.  Mr. Chigbo squarely hits the nail on the head in pointing out that those who teach that […]

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John Rosemond on Discipline Problems Caused By Parents

Psychologist John Rosemond

Discipline problems caused by parents By John Rosemond Note From the Editor:   This is a post I copied out of an old print article in the newspaper nearly 20 years ago. It’s still valid today. John Rosemond (website is rosemond.com) is a Psychologist by training and family counselor by […]

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Editor’s Picks: Best Books For Christian Parents


When it comes to parenting, Christian parents need the help of books and materials produced by men and women of God. There is a flood of secular misinformation on parenting that finds its way into bookstores.  This type of material has been whittling away at the institution of the family with devastating […]

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Parenting For Dummies (NOT!)

Parenting is Not For Dummies

Parenting For Dummies? The Editor Proverbs 22:3 “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” To the right is the cover image of the popular book by Sandra Hardin Gookin, “Parenting For Dummies.” Millions of copies have been […]

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Almost All Bible Verses on Disciplining Children In One Spot


About the picture: First things first. Pulling children’s ears is not recommended in the Bible as a form of discipline. I personally experienced this growing up a few times and I can testify that this was an effective method of getting my ear focused on what my Dad […]

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Q&A: Double Trouble – Spanking Children – Use the Rod or Spank with the Hand?

My twin Girls

Q&A: Spanking Children. One Twin is Double the Trouble Q:  Dear Mark and Sallie,  I am so happy to have found, by chance, your site.  I completely agree with you.  I’ll describe how we are disciplining our children, my dear wife and I.  I would so much […]

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