"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Mark Benedict’s Book on Biblical Parenting

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Biblical Parenting to Bless Children to the 3rd Generation Mark Benedict

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  • 166 pages

Mark Benedict believes the Christian can rest entirely on the Sufficiency of the Word of God.  When it comes to finding the information parents need for success, nothing will make you more knowledgeable about parenting than reading, studying, and applying the wisdom God provides in the Bible.  The author believes the value of any book on the subject of parenting is directly related to how faithfully the author holds to the truths and principles found in the Word of God.  Mark believes that what the Bible teaches is much more important than anyone else’s opinion, no matter how many academic degrees or titles may follow their names.

Parents with a deep respect for the Word of God will appreciate this book for its reliance on the authority of Scripture. The author avoids many popular unscriptural cultural ideas and social trends that continue to make inroads into contemporary Christianity.  We won’t promise instant success, but we will assure you that you will find eventual success if you put the principles outlined in this book into practice in your home.  The author believes parents need no assistance from experts in psychology, or any other field of worldly study.  For parents  to acquire wisdom on parenting, they can study the Bible and rely on the methods and principles revealed in Scripture.  This book will encourage you to be student of the Bible and provides insights on how parents can raise children to love and follow after God.

Parents who trust in the revelation of Scripture and follow the teachings of the Bible will see their children develop a vibrant faith.  Teaching children Bible truth enables them to live counter culturally, and withstand the many destructive trends afflicting our decaying society.  We can raise delightful children, with teachable, tender hearts towards God. To win our children’s hearts, we must preserve our own spirituality and stay connected to God through the daily indwelling of the Spirit of God.  For success as Christian parents we need to build our lives on the solid foundation of God’s Word and continually obey God in the small and great matters of life.  As Christians we must preserve a biblically based worldview and judge all ideas and values against the truth of Scripture.  Christians need discernment to navigate a path through the moral destruction that is overtaking our secular culture.

The author and his wife Sallie are the parents of two adult children, who are walking today as Christians.  Their children are actively parenting their five grandchildren, and introducing them to their Christian faith.   This book reflects the biblical insights that guided Mark and Sallie’s parenting for 38 years.  Mark taps into their 41 years of married experience as Christ followers and parents to provide sound Biblical exposition on parenting that will encourage Christian parents and empower them to more confidently train and teach their children.  The prepublication version of this book is offered at a special price of only $2.99 for a limited time.  In addition, for a limited time, you may distribute copies of the book to your friends and family in return for filling our a short book review feedback form.  Details are on the copyright page.

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Biblical Parenting to Bless Children to the 3rd Generation Mark Benedict

  • Cover-Picture-2
  • 166 pages

Table of Contents


I. Preface. 3

II. Table of Contents. 13

III. Author’s Introduction. 17

Parents Who Stay Together Bless their Children. 17

Parents All Get On-the-Job Training. 18

Our Family Heritage. 19

How Parenting Has Changed Since We Grew Up. 21

Comparing Our Own Parenting Experiences with Our Parents. 21

How Childhood Can Be Dangerous. 22

Parenting and What History Teaches about Mankind. 24

IV. First Things First: The Sufficiency of the Word of God and How Christians Derive Truth from the Bible. 25

Ron Rhodes and Richard Anthony on Hermeneutics. 26

The Example of Jesus Christ 32

Is the Bible Alone Sufficient?. 32

Correctly Handling the Word of Truth. 33

Scriptural Exegesis and how it differs from Hermeneutics: 33

Gotquestions.org Writes about Biblical Exegesis. 34

Applying Hermeneutics and Exegesis to Life’s Questions. 35

V.  How Your View of the World Influences Your Life Experience. 36

Men and Women Born with Hostility to God. 37

Worldview, Marriage, and Your Family. 38

How Our Futures Become Reality. 39

Living in the “Today” of Scripture. 40

VI. The Book of Proverbs and Wise Living. 41

Wisdom Defined. 41

Wisdom Defined in the Book of Proverbs. 41

Daniel Webster’s View: Wisdom Begins at the End. 42

Guarding Our Hearts from the Influence of Worldly Wisdom.. 43

The Value of Memorizing Proverbs and other Scriptures. 45

VII. Psychology’s War on God’s Word and Modern Confusion on Biblical Parenting Practices. 47

Dr. John Watson, Author of “Psychological Care of Infant and Child” and Founder of “Behaviorism”. 49

Dr. Watson’s Successor, Dr. Benjamin Spock and “Baby and Child Care”. 51

Dr. Spock and the Moral Destruction of America. 52

Dr. John R. Rice and Correction & Discipline of Children. 56

VIII. Understanding a Child’s Heart and Becoming Wise Parents. 57

All Children Arrive Stained with Original Sin. 58

Babies Can be Little Savages. 58

All Men are Part of an Unbroken Line of Sinners. 59

How Biblical Parenting Differs from “Natural” or “Attachment” Parenting. 60

“Attachment Parenting” defined by Author Jan Hunt, in “The Natural Child Project”. 61

When Should Parents Begin Disciplining Children?. 66

Good Parents Train Children to Repress What Comes Naturally. 67

How a Selfish Society is a Dangerous Society. 68

IX.  The Benefits of Immediate Obedience to Children. 69

Redeeming the Opportunities to Discipline. 70

Cultivating Attentiveness is the Essence of Good Parenting. 73

The Type of Obedience that Brings God Delight 74

Delightful Children Delight to Obey. 75

Children Keep Scorecards on Your Parenting Performance! 77

Why Children Need Parents to Give Commands, Not Requests. 79

The Lord Delights in Obedience. 80

X. Bible Methods for Disciplining Children. 81

Parents under God’s Discipline are More Effective. 82

The Need for Self-Denial in both Parents and Children. 83

The Mother’s Pivotal Role in Early Childhood. 85

How to Raise a Foolish Child: Leave them Alone. 86

Setting a Biblical Standard for Your Child’s Obedience. 87

The Tyranny of Inconsistency and Soft Expectations. 89

Why Habitual Obedience is Difficult Unless Parents use the Rod. 90

Who Owns the Blame for an Undisciplined Child?. 91

XI Parents as God’s Appointed Guardians over Children. 93

On Earth Parents Act in “In the Place of God”. 97

The Treasury of the Book of Proverbs. 98

What Children Learn about God by the Way Parents Discipline. 100

XII. Contrasting Non-Spanker’s Arguments with the Bible’s Teachings on Discipline. 102

Friendship with the World Leads to Enmity with God. 102

Why Children Act Foolishly. 103

Nine Appearances of the “Rod” in the Book of Proverbs. 104

The Rod, Extra-Biblical Methods of Discipline and Sound Exegesis. 104

Why the Rod is Actually a Rod, and not just a Symbol for Parental Authority. 106

Avoiding Negative Training Caused by Under Correcting Children. 110

Wise Children Provide Comfort and Care for Elderly Parents. 114

XIII. On Teaching Children Self Control 116

XIV. Preserving Discipline with the Nurture of the Lord. 119

XV. Balancing Bible Truths: Discipline and Affirmation. 121

Guarding Children from Exposure to Evil and Standing against Decline. 123

XVI. Avoiding Passive Parenting: the Story of Samuel and the Evil Sons of Eli the Priest 127

Eli Honored His Sons more than the Lord. 128

Samuel Called by God to Rebuke Eli for his Passivity. 129

Parenting must be Forceful in the Face of Disobedience. 130

XVII. Building on the Rock for Strong Foundations in the Church. 131

XVIII. Capturing Your Child’s Attention during the Teen Years. 136

Quality Time Comes by Investing Quantities of Time. 139

A Captive Audience Creates Teachable Moments. 142

XIX. The Importance of External Affirmation during the Teen Years. 144

XX.  Children, Bible Reading, and the Work of Parenting. 150

Have you Read Your Bible Yet?. 152

God’s Part and Our Part – Which is Which?. 153

XXI. When Children Rebel against God’s Authority. 156

XXII. Conclusion: Full Circle to the 3rd Generation. 159

XXIII. References. 160


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